About OpenBox Events

OpenBox Events is one of the fastest-growing wedding and event companies in Milwaukee. We do it all: DJ experience and lighting packages, photography and video services, custom stationery and invitations, and event planning and coordination.

Creating unforgettable events is what we do full-time, so we’re available to answer your questions and meticulously plan every little detail of your special day — on your schedule. We’re not just weekend freelancers who treat your wedding like just the next gig.

When you’re planning a wedding, you don’t have time to chase five different contractors and vendors and cross your fingers that everyone shows up at the right place at the right time. That’s why brides and grooms love working with us. You can book your DJ and your video and photo team in one spot, get your stationery designed and printed, and even have a free on-site coordinator for your day included with every full-service wedding experience package.


Celina Brault

Lead Photographer

Caitlin Holewinski

Lead Photographer


Jacob Rink

Senior Videographer

Parker Gayan


Production Assistants

Brock Baxter

Production Assistant

Danielle Dupey

Creative Services Coordinator


Nik Nelson

Owner & President

Kelsey Heffter

Director of Events Operations

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